Využití virtuálních laboratoří

Přehled uživatelů virtuálních laboratoří z průmyslové i akademické sféry. Připojte se ke komunitě uživatelů z nejvýznamějších firem a univerzit: Intel, Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, IBM, Bosch, Honda, Boeing, MIT, Berkeley a mnoho dalších ...

worldmap - applet users

Seznam univerzit a institucí, kde jsou virtuální laboratoře využívány pro výuku a výzkum (členěno podle států).

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Vývojáři/inženýři/technici z následujících firem používají virtuální laboratoře ...

Co řekli návštěvníci o appletu PID Control Laboratory ...

  • "Very interesting tool, congratulations!" Pierre T. (Canada)
  • "I hope you can make a success with this product!" George S. (USA)
  • "I find your tool to be very useful ... mainly for training new engineers in the basics of PID control" Lyle W. (USA)
  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge ..." Andy M.
  • "Nice work." Martin G.
  • "The applets which you developed are extremely interesting for my teaching. Bravo for this beautiful work." Pierre A. (France)
  • "Very interesting Applet." Martin E.
  • "Very nice work! I want to use the applets for my teaching ..." Sorin L. (Romania)
  • "Your applet is amazing, it'll be very useful for me." Antoine Ch. (Switzerland)
  • "I found your applets very stimulating for students..." Piotr W. (Poland)
  • "I heard that it does a great job in tuning a PID control loop" Ashish
  • "Fantastic application for my daily work with PID controllers. It's easy, powerful and helpful. What more can you ask? Cristiano R.
  • "Your FPID design/analysis program is fascinating ... " (Stephen C.)
  • "Good work! Very useful for student and control specialist." (Guilio M.)
  • "I appreciate your effort for writing this valuable software" (Sener K.)
  • "Thank you for this great tool which makes PID learning easier." (Roy)
  • "I think you served the control world with a bright tool visualizing the tuning settings in a eye-blink. Not to mention 2DOF parameters (and beyond my horizon at this moment) the fractional stuff..." (J.W.D.)
  • "It's kind of you to share this tool." Quianghua X. (China)
  • "Great to have this for us to learn more on PID control." Kwok. P. L. (Canada)