advanced on-line tool for analysis and H design of PID controllers

Tune PID controller with H Designer and significantly improve performance and robustness of process control

PID H Designer is the first advanced tool for analysis, design and tuning of optimal PI and PID controllers with respect to integral criteria IE, IAE, ITAE and H robustness constraints on the four weighted sensitivity functions i.e. sensitivity function, complementary sensitivity function, input and output sensitivity function.


For a long time, the development of PID controller design methods has been the goal of the control community. Despite that a manual model-free tuning of controllers is still the most commonly used PID design method in the industry.

A rational way to design a controller is to derive a process model and a collection of requirements on the closed loop. PID controller design is a trade-off between conflicting criteria, such as load disturbance attenuation, set-point tracking, robustness, and noise sensitivity. It would be desirable to have a design method which capture engineering criteria such as load disturbance response, robustness to model uncertainties, rejection of measurement noise, and set point tracking. Traditional tuning rules in PID control do not consider all of these aspects in a balanced way which is a considerable drawback.

To address all these drawbacks, an original tool has been developed. It is called PID H Designer or PID Hinf Tuner.

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