Support for Wago PFC100/PFC200

Nearly four months have passed since the last version of REX came out. Over the summer, we've been working hard on fixing bugs, improving user experience with REX and most importantly, supporting new platforms.

Today we are proud to release new version 2.50.5, whose major feature is the support of the Wago PFC100/PFC200 family of programmable fieldbus controllers. By supporting this platform, we are filling the gap between low-end controllers based on Raspberry Pi minicomputer and hi-end industrial PCs.

Regardless of the size and requirements of your project, you can now choose an appropriate hardware platform. Whether it’s in traditional process control technology or machine control, modular design of the PFC controllers allows for flexible I/O configurations. A multitude of I/O modules in the 750/753 series is available.

Even if you are happy with one of the traditional platforms in the REX domain, the new version 2.50.5 has something to offer. Apart from bugfixes and minor improvements, new features in real-time trends are worth mentioning. These include cursors for quick analysis of the recorded data and export of a selected time interval. And if you are using Modbus RTU communication (RS-232, RS-485, UART), you should check the updated user manual for timeouts configuration.

If you are just starting with REX, simply pick one of the Getting started guides which is right for the platform you are using.

See the Development history for a complete list of new features and bugfixes.

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