Furuta pendulum

Furuta pendulum model

The applet shows the control of non-linear unstable system using state feedback. The process model is linearized in upper position. The aim is to stabilize the pendulum in upper position. The controller should be robust to keep with various types of disturbances. The 3-D model is taken from FPM 210/211.

The applet starts automatically.

Left panel

3-D model can be shifted and rotated by mouse

  • Left button - rotation
  • Right button - shifting
  • Mouse wheel - zooming

The right panel buttons can be used to change the view.

Right panel

The control system can work in following modes:

  • DEMO - starts demonstratin
  • Swing up - swings the pendulum to upper position
  • Swings down - swings the pendulum down, the oscillations are damped
  • Stop - stops the pendulum stabilization

Further the balancing position (orange) can be defined in the textfield.

GUI control elements

The bottom toolbar serves for direct interaction with the model.

  • Noise generator - Generates noise to the pendulum angle. The default value 1%, ensures that the pendulum is never fixed.
  • Nudge panel - Allows to nudge the pendulum from the left or right side. The force is defined by the duration of mouse button press
  • User control - after cliking on the slider, the stabilizing controller is switched off and the user may try to stabilize the pendulum manually (difficult task)

Full screen mode

Applet can be switched to full screen mode by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F .