ZV4IS - Zero vibration input shaper

ZV4IS Demo

The simulator demonstrates the features of ZV4IS function block - zero vibration input shaper based on FIR bandstop filter. The principle can be evaluated on gantry crane 3D virtual model. The aim is to avoid load oscillations during transport. User can change the rope length, compute model natural frequency and switch the shaping filters for both x and y axis. ZV4IS works as a band stop filter which attenuates the natural frequency. When the filter is switched off, it can be checked how difficult is the manual control of the crane movement. The detailed description is available in the reference manual.

How to start the simulator?

Before starting the simulator (applet) by START start.gif, 648B button, the sampling period can be set in the field Sampling time. The continous applet running can be stopped by STOP stop.gif, 666B button or paused by PAUSE pause.gif, 1,1kB button. The simulation speed can be adjusted by the slider. The re-init button reinit.png, 858B reset all parameters to initial state.

All parameters of active blocks (non-shadow) can be changed in the dialog which is invoked by cliking at the block. Detailed description of block parameters is available in Function blocks reference manual.