PID Control Lab 3.1

PID Control Lab is interactive tool for robust PID tuning and design. Contains procedures for process identification from experimental data (pulse or relay experiment). Allows to define arbitrary number of processes for robust controller tuning. Supports PID optimization based on essential design specifications (gain and phase margin, loop bandwidth, disturbance rejection, sensitivity functions shaping, Nyquist plot shaping). Advanced PID feedback loop simulator is included in this lab. Brings the theory for practice and users.

Try the demo presentations of PID Control Lab:

PID tuning in one minute

Advanced tuning - PID tuning step by step

GUI features

Axes demo -  shows how to work comfortly with individual axes panels

Interactivity demo - shows the basic interactivity and mutual connection of graphs

Interactivity demo 2 - shows the advanced interactivity features to get maximum benefit from the GUI